This logo design for the Kolner Zoo is a great example of use of positive and negative space. As seen in the logo, the large green structure in the background is an elephant, while inside, the green elephant is broken up with white shapes, showing a giraffe and a rhino. This piece uses colors that work well together, and the logo is easy to read & child friendly.


I found this logo that I think is very cute and interesting. The designer was William Patino and the company was Antartica. The lowercase ‘A’ looks like a penguin with the creative typeface and good use of positive and negative space. Although I am not sure which company it is for, the same designer created several other logos that are similar and creative.

antarctica logo.

I found the atari logo to have nice ambiguity of positive and negative space.
It is very simple, yet the black and white go together very nicely for the logo.
It’s also very cool how the 3 white lines above the word seem to form an A for the Atari name.
This gives a nice visual and makes it very effective.

Thus is a logo from WWf that I found interesting in the way of using the positive space, as you could see the logo is a panda. The logo is success not just because of the right color but also the words “WWF” is tightly combine to the logo giving people a strong link of panda and “WWF”

From WWF–-room-for-creativity/

Logos: Ambiguity of Pos/Neg Space

This is a logo for Mind That Works a Media and Marketing company. It was created by LE INANI, a non limits graphic and web design group. The logo presents the use of positive and negative space.

I chose this logo. As i was searching for clever logos with pos/neg space, this one kept catching my eye. The first time i looked at it i did not see the hand that the word “my” creates. I had to keep looking at it to figure it out. I really enjoy this logo, i think it’s very clever. It was designed by a company from the Netherlands called Underware ( There website shows all the fonts that they’ve created along with publications that use them, it’s pretty interesting! Also, you can read about the myfonts logo here:


This is the identity for Beats Audio. This identity/design randomly popped in my head as one that takes advantage of positive and negative space, so I’m still trying to find out who created it. The company creates high quality headphones. The design represents a lowercase “b” but the use of positive and negative space also makes it look like a headphone.