graphics for change

May 5, 2012

both these posters were done by luba lukova who is an artist working out of new york. she has a very unique style and you can tell right away when you see her that its hers. both these posters deal with how people think and i epescially like the brainwashing one because i think its such a clever way to relate a point about people are being controled by what they hear from tv and media.


Graphic for change

February 28, 2012

Jeanne Verdoux is a French graphic designer and artist living in New York. I had found out a post that I like, which is about occupy wall street protest on of her work .Image
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GRaPhiC DeSigN BooKs

February 16, 2012

I ended up researching some graphic design books online as well as the books that the library had to offer. The main things I find very interesting about graphic design books are that they are actually fun to look at. I don’t like reading a whole lot of tiny type and long paragraphs, stuff like that. When I was looking at Graphic Design: A New History by Stephen Eskilson I found it very interesting how typography and graphic design has changed over hundreds of years.. It started off showing documents from the 19th century. Beautifully constructed with handwritten fonts and detailed bordering. It continued to how our number charts developed, kinda like the ones we see at the eye doctors office. I continued to view paintings, illustrations and posters from all sorts of time periods. The new age of graphic design is upon us. We will be the people who create and understand it. Image

Graphics For Change

February 13, 2012

I found this poster about food insecurity. I like how the graphic is simple and it gets the point across. This is a very straightforward poster. This was created by Candy Chang and i found it on her website. She has been involved in many other projects that are pretty cool. A lot of them are interactive, which is awesome. For example she put a chalkboard on the side of an abandoned house in New Orleans where “before i die ______” has been stenciled repeatedly and people can go and fill in the blank.

You can check that out here:

Graphics for Change

February 9, 2012

This poster was created in Canada and appeared at several locations, including the site It’s goal is to persuade the viewer to not use a car for the days listed. Cars have a big impact on the environment and I think this is a simple design that gets an important message across.

This is a anti- drug poster. The creator of this poster is a woman named Jessica Costa. This poster caught my eye because it is made up of text. The point of this poster is to show that drugs kill. The person in this poster is holding a cigarette made out of text and where the smoke would be it reads death. I think this poster is extremely power because it is able to express the creators message while using only a few simple words to make the entire piece.


“A heavily graphic/typographic redesign for a relaunch of the MGM site. This aimed to improve the appeal and the functionality of the site (MGM’s website had hitherto been ranked very poorly). By using mostly colour and type, the pages require small digital files and come up quickly, besides being easy and quick to read. Carson was frustrated by the early “intermediate” stage of internet program technology, which provides requirements not unlike the restrictions of letterpress printing, with its boxing up of elements (but lacks the tactile virtues). “In a couple of years we will be able to do pretty much what we want, so I’m not that keen to get hooked up with the current ‘rules’ of what you can and can’t do on the web.” Initially, the site was for MGM/United Artists, but at a late stage it had to be revised to be solely MGM. Produced through 3bits Communications.”


The typography in this design just instantly grabbed my attention. The contrast in colors and the stacking of type is true David Carson style. Also known as the father of grunge, David Carson has had some serious impact on the designing of company posters and even album covers. His use of typography is a style all his own with a twist that is only mimicked today.