This is an information design graphic visual i made.
It shows the contrast between obesity in each state in america, and how poverty is a major part of it.


This is a word I used to make it seem like an image.

And i used the letter H and my initials in other images to increase awareness of figure and ground relationship.



Online portfolio

May 6, 2012
This website offers its members free standing personal websites with their own URL,
a wide variety of templates, and simple but sophisticated tools to control the way their content is displayed.
This allows artists to show there work and receive and give comments on there creations.


May 6, 2012

I found this self-promotion piece by Sophie Davies.
It is very interesting to look at and it really looks like something new and fresh.

Information Design

May 6, 2012

I found this was a very effective use of information design.
I like how the artist incorporates all the popular  color of crayola crayons and also makes the visual part of it into the shape of a crayon tip
Work done by Tiffany Warren

I found the atari logo to have nice ambiguity of positive and negative space.
It is very simple, yet the black and white go together very nicely for the logo.
It’s also very cool how the 3 white lines above the word seem to form an A for the Atari name.
This gives a nice visual and makes it very effective.

Dunkin Donuts

May 6, 2012

I picked Dunkin Donuts as a logo design that i admire, because it really get the message across to consumers visually.
It has some really nice and bright colors to really get you attention, and it also has the image of a cup of coffee so you know that they sell coffee and donuts.
They also really get there message across visually with there slogan America runs on dunkin.
It really is an easy, yet effective way to get the consumers attention by using something catchy.