online portfolio

May 3, 2012


this is a link to the zazenlife art gallery. you are able to post your own art work for everyone to see. there are a lot of different and cool kinds of art which is the link i posted for 3D street art. it is very interesting because of how real everything looks and i also like this site because i post my own work in it.


self promotion.

April 24, 2012


i thought this was a very creative idea. this is for a bike shop and you can actually use this business card on your bike if you need to. im sure that will bring a smile to someones face and im sure that will bring them into the shop. although it cost a decent about to make i think it would be worth it. this is the website i found it on.!/photos/89631/1

information design

April 19, 2012

i thought this was a very useful way of getting the point across that we use way too much green house gases. i like that they used actual smoke pipes and exhaust pipes as a reference to how much it is growing. for only a ten year difference that is way too much of a drastic change and it shows we really need to start finding a different way for burning fuel.

i really liked this logo for wine. i thought it was different and clever because i did not see the wine bottle shapes that the trees made up right away. it took me a few more seconds to actually see it and i think it did its job. it caught my eye and kept my attention long enough to hold my interest.


March 15, 2012

i chose the cadillac symbol because i think its instantly recognizable. when i see it i automatically think of luxury and something very expensive. their name is synonymous with the best. whenever i see it it just remind me of high class and almost like royalty. i also like it because when you look at it, it looks like there is a lot going on but there really is not it is a pretty simple symbol. 

graphic design books

February 16, 2012

these images were taken from the book “Graphic Design: A Creative Approach” chapter 13. the designs were made with stencils and other materials. what i liked about them is that they are very abstract and diiferent. it makes your eye wonder around the page and follow each line to see how they interact. the other seems to be done with a stencil or a stamp because all of the objects and shapes seem to be alike. although they are black and white the images and very colorful and seem unique.

graphics for change

February 10, 2012

i like this image a lot because it is two images that mean two totally different things but are showing the same message. it is showing that if people could spread peace as easy as they spread violence than the world would be a lot better of a place. these days if we want to resolve a problem it is resolved by force but if we just tried to be peaceful and not turn to violence so fast things would be very different.