Online Portfolio

May 2, 2012

I have been using a site called for an online portfolio. It’s free to sign up and use for anyone. You can create and about me section, break up your work into different pages on your site, post photos and design projects you’ve done, link your blog and social networking sites to it, control the website lay out, format, colors, design, etc. It’s a fantastic site for being free. I found and interesting photographers site on there linked below. Check hers out as an eample of the possibilities.!home|mainPage


Self Promotion

May 1, 2012

Karen Cornish

I found her design on a site of a bunch of creative designs heer:

Information Design

April 19, 2012

The Buzz vs The Bulge: Caffeine & Calories

This information design was done by David McCandless, the man we watched in class. This is designed to show the correlation between how much caffeine is in something vs how many calories it has. It even shows unhealthy food/ drink that has no caffeine, but gives perspcetive to how many calories some caffeinated items are. It also shows what kind of exercise you’d have to do for 30 minutes to burn it all off. The design is simple, yet shows multiple layers of information. This is very useful, especially in a culture obsessed with their weight, calorie intake, and health.

This logo is for a piano service called Wiesinger Music. It was designed by Patrik. The white space of the words create keys and the in between black space create the smaller keys and space in between the keys. Its a simple design using just enough amount of space successfully.

Identity System

March 15, 2012

I chose the identity system for an advertising agency I’m interested in called McGarry Bowen. They are located in the city and have a very modern feel to their company, as you can see by the logo. They carry this theme onto their business cards, office space, website, and more. The colors are vibrant, especially against the dark brown/ gray. The font is elegant and simple and uses two kinds of type face with seriff and san seriff. This creates a hip yet old fashion feel. The vertical lines work with with the text being horizontal. The lines also are different kinds of thickness which adds interest. The logo matches the company perfectly, as it is stylish, chic, and now.

History of Graphic Design

February 23, 2012

Herbert Bayer: graphic designer, painter, photographer, sculptor, art director, environmental & interior designer, and arcitect. He was 19 years old when Georg Schmidthamer took Bayer under his wing creating typographic work. This same year he begun classes at the Weimar Bauhaus. He did print and advertising at the Dessau Bauhaus and then moved to Berlin to work as a graphic designer in advertising and an artistic director at an ad agency. He was an art director at Paris’ vogue. Eventually he came to the US to work on an exhibition at the New York Museum of Modern Art. He moved to Aspen, Colorado to become painter, graphic designer, arctitect, and landscape designer. He moved to California in 1974 and passed away in 1985. He was an extremely versatile man and won many awards for his work.

Book on Graphic Design

February 16, 2012



Since I am interested in becoming involved in the advertising field, I chose a book revolving around graphic design in advertisments. One chapter I found interesting was the one on typography. There are many ways you can use it as a design element as an advertiser. One way is to create pictures or outlines with words. One company used certain fonts letters to make picturees of dogs spelling out the breed.The way one presents the words can create a visually appealing ads. The book even sets up projects for you try out their creating your own works with their advice on design elements.