If you haven’t already seen me wearing the Animal logo well here it is. One of the most popular BMX brands to date. Animal BMX has always had the cleanest logo in the industry. To someone who does not know the BMX industry may not recognize this logo, anyone who rides knows this is the most recognizable logo out there. Since 2000 the griffin in the logo has been the trademark of the brand. They do have other designs that not including the griffin, but all stay true to what the brand stands for. Since they are a street riding company, they try to keep it geared towards the kids that like quality products as well as something that looks good. I believe Animal will never lose their brand identity and stay true to the company that has been growing for the past 12 years.Ā 


Look at This

April 30, 2012


This is the label for one of my favorite brews (when I can afford it) Flying Dog Brewery’s Snake Dog IPA. The artwork was created by my favorite and very talented artist Ralph Steadman. His portrayal of the brand name is amazing. Steadman produced the artwork for the whole Flying Dog Brewery’s line of brews. With the outrageous names comes outrageous and somewhat perplexing artwork. Check out Flying Dog in a local beer store near you. Remember 21 means 21 šŸ˜‰


These art pieces of work from I was blown away when I saw the amount of artistic content on this site, as well as quality. This is a free online site for portfolio and art display for basic needs. If you want to have your own URL there is a fee. This is pretty much the tumblr or instagram if you will of the online art world. There is a live feed where images and work are shown as soon as they are posted. I was shocked when I saw Robert Lindstrom’s work shown above. He was on a flight from Munich, Germany and created these images on his Iphone. The creative world is limitless. Could this possibly be the next generation of computer art? I sure hope not. The world is already way too consumed with technology, fine art can not die.


This is obviously Banksy’s panda. This guy is a friggin genius when it comes to street art. Although this isn’t a “logo” anyone who saw this in England’s streets would know it is a Banksy. He is very evasive when it comes to letting people know who he is. He uses a stencil in this piece of just the black shapes to create the design. It is so simple, yet so effective. All it takes is one good idea to send people into a tizzy. He prints these all over England’s streets. I don’t know why this appeals to me so much. Maybe the fact that he made an innocent and gentle creature into one bad ass character. Banksy is the man.


The BMX industry grows more and more everyday. There are a whole bunch of brands and identities associated with them. The shadow conspiracy is one of the biggest apparel and parts manufacturers out there. There main logo is the top photo of the crow. The crow is a simple design that is present in all of there parts and soft good designs. The identity the shadow conspiracy shows people is a bit edgy. They have always had the same image since they were established. Below the crow is a print add of a popular pro rider Seth Kimbrough. As you can see a lot of skulls and almost a doom and gloom feel. Even though these guys that ride for them aren’t weirdos or anything, just edgy. For anyone who rides BMX you can always tell if there are wearing or riding Shadow Conspiracy parts. They are very unique and progressive company.

David Carson

February 23, 2012


David Carson is a very unique graphic artist/typographer in every way. In an interview he declared that he was never trained to perform all the usual rules and tasks that may have been asked of him at a regular design studio. His only experience with learning typography/graphic design is at a high school level. He developed his own abstract and somewhat complicated style of design. His projects include designs for Raygun Magazine, designing boards and soft goods for Quiksilver, (for he is a surfer himself), He also has had experience designing album covers for Nine Inch Nails. The list goes on and on. He was once asked, “Why do you break so many rules?” He replied, “I never learned too many rules.” Although his style had been trying to be duplicated for many years. No normal designer/typographer can match up to the the master himself, David Carson.

GRaPhiC DeSigN BooKs

February 16, 2012

I ended up researching some graphic design books online as well as the books that the library had to offer. The main things I find very interesting about graphic design books are that they are actually fun to look at. I don’t like reading a whole lot of tiny type and long paragraphs, stuff like that. When I was looking atĀ Graphic Design: A New History by Stephen EskilsonĀ I found it very interesting how typography and graphic design has changed over hundreds of years.. It started off showing documents from the 19th century. Beautifully constructed with handwritten fonts and detailed bordering. It continued to how our number charts developed, kinda like the ones we see at the eye doctors office. I continued to view paintings, illustrations and posters from all sorts of time periods. The new age of graphic design is upon us. We will be the people who create and understand it.Ā Image