Online Portfolio

May 2, 2012 is a free website where you can put your portfolio online. People have photography, architecture, fashion and makeup, and art and design portfolios on this site. You can design it to the way you want it to look. You can put up 36 pictures for free. For 1,000 uploads its $9/month and for 2,000 uploads its $17/ month. The portfolios look very professional and the website is easy to figure out


Information Design

April 17, 2012

Information Design

This a information design about frozen desserts. This is well done because it shows different examples of frozen desserts and shows how to make each type of dessert.

Logos:Ambiguity of Pos/Neg space

The WWF is the world wild life organization. There job is to protect the future of nature. The WWF works in 100 countries. This is a very well known logo and they sell shirts with the panda on it and the proceeds go to the WWF. The logo also isn’t too detailed and gets the message across.

Disney- Identity System

March 15, 2012

Disney- Identity System

I chose Disney because they are a very big company and gets bigger all the time. This is a very good identity system and everyone knows it because every child has grown up with disney. They have watched disney movies and watched the disney channel as a kid. This is a well done identity system because it is very well known logo.

History of Graphic Design

February 21, 2012

History of Graphic Design

For my magazine article I was assigned Chermayeff & Geismar. They are a graphic design firm in New York City and create logos that you see everyday. They also designed the logo for Hearst Corporation which is a huge company. They are one of the nation’s largest media companies. Hearst owns 15 daily newspapers and is one of the biggest publishers in the nation. The networks they own are the A+E networks which are A+E, lifetime, the biography channel, and the history channel. They do a lot more too.

Graphics for change

February 9, 2012

I found the is poster on It was made to signify the 40th anniversary of the bombing at Hiroshima. I really liked how at the end of the wave is doves flying away to signify peace. It really portrays the right message.