Ambiguity of Pos/Neg Space

April 24, 2012

When designing a logo one of the most important things to consider is your usage of positive and negative space. Creating perfect balance between both positive and negative space gives your viewers places to stop and go in a composition. Being able to keep their attention and guide their eye across an entire composition makes for a great piece.

by Peloton Design

The USA Network logo, created by Peloton Design does a nice job spacing the letter in the work network, making it easy to read. By using positive and negative space the designer also creates the letters USA. Although the letter S is not actually there because of the use of positive and negative space the viewers eyes recognize the form as the letter S.

Here are some others that I thought exhibited a great composition as well.

by Richard Fonteneau

Created By:  Richard Fonteneau

by Logo Motive Designs

Created By: Logo Motive Designs


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