Identity Systems

April 7, 2012


Alright, we all know this one. Actually the more I looked into it the more interesting this logo became. This article:  analyzed the logo and stated towards the end “the famous “Nintendo Logo” does not deliver unequivocal and complete information to its targeted customers in a very impressive way.” The fact that it was saying the logo didn’t deliver it’s information in an impressive manor is just ridiculous. The point of a logo is to get the viewers attention and become recognizable to the viewer. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t recognize this logo. Even my 60+ year parents at least recognize this logo.

The article also mentions that the logo was not created by a professional designer or company.
I see this as a strong identity system because of Nintendo’s use of a vibrant red, originally on black but changed later to white, bold text, and especially its use of the ‘capsule’ shape. The article and two others I looked through say the capsule make the logo look “childish”,”simple”, and “unprofessional.” Again these are just ridiculous things to say in my opinion. Nintendo is generally a childs/preteen company that originally was to make playing cards and now makes various video games and video game systems. I’m pretty sure everything they’ve made/sponsored has not been more than a T (+13) rated game. Taking what is produced by the company into perspective this logo fits perfectly.


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