F.y.e. – For Your Entertainment, owned by TransWorld Entertainment Corp., is the largest retailer of CD’s, DVD’s, Video Games, & Trend Items. Since it’s launch in 2001, F.y.e. has led in the entertainment industry, while other companies struggled to survive in an fast growing digital world, which is hard to compete in. This logo has become a staple for the entertainment industry, in the fact that you can spot a store in every major mall across America. With their fun colors, and curvy logo, it is clear that this company reaches out to the young adult and teen generations. The logo is simple and fun. Because the logo has never changed, most, if not all shoppers know exactly what the focus of this brand is.Image



This is the identity for Beats Audio. This identity/design randomly popped in my head as one that takes advantage of positive and negative space, so I’m still trying to find out who created it. The company creates high quality headphones. The design represents a lowercase “b” but the use of positive and negative space also makes it look like a headphone.


I think the girl scouts logo is a great example of a logo with positive and negative space. At first glance, one might just see a clover like shape. But upon further inspection, one can clearly make out the shape of 3 woman’s faces, all of different size and shape, which pertains to the girl scouts belief of accepting everyone.

Identity System

March 29, 2012


I chose the Tostitos logo for the Identity Systems post. I think the logo is very interesting and captures what Tosititos is all about. The color scheme fits the mexican/hispanic origin of the food, as they are tortilla chips. The logo is also clean, sharp and simple, but get the “message” of the product across clearly and quickly. I also adore the image within the word “Tostitos” with the two t’s as people sharing chips over a bowl of salsa, with is cleverly made from the tittle, of the dot, of the i. Unfortunately, I could not find the creator of this wonderful logo, so I have nothing to link to.

Logos:Ambiguity of Pos/Neg space

The WWF is the world wild life organization. There job is to protect the future of nature. The WWF works in 100 countries. This is a very well known logo and they sell shirts with the panda on it and the proceeds go to the WWF. The logo also isn’t too detailed and gets the message across.

This is a logo that I found to be interesting. This logo is used for a blog in Los Angeles which talks about organizing the area. On this blog there are many different pages that you can go to for things such as organizations to join, how to get your life back on track, ways on how to organize things in your life and also press and media options too. I chose this logo because when looking at it you almost immediatly understand it’s purpose to the company behind it. It made me want to look further into what the company was. It’s interesting how the designer used this dismantled stick configuration in the beginning of the design and turned it into an organized pattern. The logo shows movement in a clean, professional manner.


I also choose the (graffiti) artisit Banksy for this blog. I feel that he is a great example of how to communicate feeling through his work as well as working with the positive and negative space of the buildings and signs he completes his work on.

Banksy is a graffiti artist based out of Califronia. Know one has ever seen his face but he creates some of the most magnificient art works. I am very inspired by him!


here is a link to his site for more images. http://www.banksy.co.uk/index.html