Graphics for Change

February 9, 2012





The Guerrilla Girls are a group of females that dress up in gorilla suits and visit museums. Gorilla masks are worn because the women want to focus on the issue at hand rather than personality. Their slogan is “fighting discrimination with facts, humor and fake fur”. They use humor to draw attention about feminism and discrimination of women in galleries. Since 1985, they have made appearances in some of the most famous museums in the US and have hung posters up all across majors cities. They did all this just to get their point across that males are more dominant in the art world. I had the pleasure of meeting one of these women last year at Hartwick, her name was Jane Koffman. Here is the link if you want to learn more: 




One Response to “Graphics for Change”

  1. suzieq13 Says:

    I like this approach to show male dominance in the art world. Even today places still do not find us equal. I like the gorilla with fake fur. I think the letter in mad lib form is genius.

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