David Carson- Father of Typography. “MGM Studios”

February 9, 2012


“A heavily graphic/typographic redesign for a relaunch of the MGM site. This aimed to improve the appeal and the functionality of the site (MGM’s website had hitherto been ranked very poorly). By using mostly colour and type, the pages require small digital files and come up quickly, besides being easy and quick to read. Carson was frustrated by the early “intermediate” stage of internet program technology, which provides requirements not unlike the restrictions of letterpress printing, with its boxing up of elements (but lacks the tactile virtues). “In a couple of years we will be able to do pretty much what we want, so I’m not that keen to get hooked up with the current ‘rules’ of what you can and can’t do on the web.” Initially, the site was for MGM/United Artists, but at a late stage it had to be revised to be solely MGM. Produced through 3bits Communications.”

– http://www.davidcarsondesign.com

The typography in this design just instantly grabbed my attention. The contrast in colors and the stacking of type is true David Carson style. Also known as the father of grunge, David Carson has had some serious impact on the designing of company posters and even album covers. His use of typography is a style all his own with a twist that is only mimicked today.


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