Gregory Thomaso…

February 8, 2012

Gregory Thomason is a graphic designer from Texas. He created this series of posters after receiving news that he was going to be an uncle. These posters emphasize the importance of parenting and family values. At the bottom of each poster, he includes tips to better parenting. He uses bold colors, images and text to catch the viewers eye.



(I had to do a print screen of the posters as I was unable to save them, hence the poor quality and a portion of an “x” button at the top right corner of each poster)


2 Responses to “Gregory Thomaso…”

  1. suzieq13 Says:

    I think these posters should be around for people to be reminded of the family unit and responsibility to our children.

  2. suzieq13 Says:

    I feel these posters should be up and around again to remind people of the responsibility for the children and the family unit.

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