Peter Cohen

February 7, 2012

Peter Cohen is an Art Director in NYC who creates campaigns for Coalition for the Homeless.
This image shows the stenciled words which were spray painted onto sidewalks and doorways
around the city.


2 Responses to “Peter Cohen”

  1. samanthasoloff Says:

    I think this picture is extremely powerful. When you first look at this image, I am drawn to the ground. The dirt is so natural but yet it stands out so clearly. I also think there was a great use of color. The phrase “please don’t litter. people have to sleep here.” is very straight forward and powerful at the same time. People don’t usually think when they drop things on the floor and the phrase makes you think twice because the ground is their home. Overall I think that the message and the color scheme in this piece work hand in hand and make the message stand out. I also feel that the purple writing and the blue background complement each other really well.

  2. suzieq13 Says:

    I love the boldness to go out on the street and do this artwork that is the truth no one talks about or wants to acknowledge in our society today.

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